Anybody who has palm trees on their property knows how enjoyable they are to look at, but also how messy they can be and difficult to trim. When my very tall palms couldn't be ignored any longer, I called several tree trimming services before I selected Matilde's and was so pleased that I did. Not only did they give me a great price for the work I requested, they did much more than I had asked. They arrived on time, worked steadily and did a meticulous cleanup. When it comes to any of my future landscaping needs, Matilde's will be who I call hands down.


Matilde's Tree Service (and more!) is a great company for all sorts of major landscaping, tree removal, and yard clean-ups. And this time (the third time in the past couple of years that I have asked them to help me) they also did a great job on replacing my rain gutters and they did various carpentry repairs. I highly recommend them, and yes, there really is a Matilde. She and her partner Victor have two other regular people working for them, and they are a very efficient team. They arrive on time, they work hard, hardly ever take a break, hardly make any noise (except with the chipper and the saws), and do exactly what you ask them to do and have good ideas and suggestions themselves. All this in good spirits and with a smile. And for reasonable prices. You can reach them at the cell phone listed or (323)266-2619. Usually when you call, Matilde will have her son Danny call back and he will come out to make the estimate. I love these people and hope you will consider them for any and all yard work, tree work, and more.

-----Marie laure d.

My husband doesn't often know his limits and so, after he took a tumble off of a ladder and broke his wrist while trying to trim some branches, I knew it was high time we hired some professionals to help us trim and remove a number of other big branches from the trees in our yard. Luckily, I found Matilde's Tree Service early on in my search and we were able to get our yard and the trees cleaned up in record time. The business owner's son came to our house to give us an estimate and after we agreed we set a date to have the job done the following week. This is one hard working bunch of people! Matilde, her partner Victor, and another employee got straight to it. They have a great deal of experience and know how to prune trees in a way that makes sense in terms of how the trees grow, but that's also aesthetically pleasing. Victor also pointed out that there were a couple of large branches that were rotten to the core and we happily accepted his recommendation and had them removed while the rest of the tree trimming was taking place. We really appreciated this because had we not had them cut, there's a good chance they could have fallen on our house or in our pool. While the branches were being trimmed and mulched up, Matilde busily cleaned up the stray branches that had fallen around the yard. We were completely satisfied with the work that Matilde's Tree Service did for us and we won't hesitate to call them again in the future.

-----Sila L